Campaign Stance

You Are Most Important

My personal opinions on issues will not influence my votes in Congress.  I will represent you and not my personal interests.  I will hear from you before I cast my votes in Congress.

Lobbyists And Special Interest

A campaign promise of mine is to refuse money from lobbyists and special interest groups.  I believe lobbying should be illegal and I will work to make it illegal.  As a public servant, money is not my priority, it is you.


I am running as an independent candidate.  I do not identify with either the Republican or Democrat Party.  I believe both parties lost sight of representing the people and instead, focus on representing the party.

Taxes And Budget

The people need lower taxes.  I will work to ensure the people's money is used wisely and a balanced budget is created and followed.  Visit the Issues page to learn more about my tax and budget ideas.

Working Together

We live in a diverse district and country.  We must all work together to find ways to ensure a prosperous and strong future for our district and country.  We must come together to achieve common goals.  

Need More Information?

If you need more specific information on my stance with certain issues, visit the Issues page.  There, I highlight district and national issues and ideas to address those issues.